Buscador is a dynamic mail archiver rooted in the idea of intertwingularity

In short it's supposed to allow people to present new and different ways of looking at their mail.

Based around Email::Store it is plugin driven so it should be easy for others to extend.


You can see a demo of the current SVN head here.

It may be broken at any given time.

Getting Buscador

You can get Buscador from CPAN or get the very lest version from the Subversion repository.

Things To Try

So far it's worth looking at It's not much at the moment but it'll get fleshed out.


The docs have pretty good install guidelines but once you've installed the module and mucked with your httpd.conf to make Buscador the handler for a directory all you have to then do is change to that directory and do
buscador -init
then modify the buscador.config created and do
buscador -setup
and then whenever you want add more mail you do
buscador <mailfolder[s]>
cat my.mail | buscador


You can find the faq here.