Everybody has one thing they regret, right? Well, when I was 16 or 17 I was coming back from staying at a girl's house - I was tired because we hadn't gone to bed till late and we'd woken up early, worried that her parents would catch us in bed together.

Anyway ... I left her house and went up to London to meet up with a mate. We bummed around various places and eventually ended up in the Trocadero where two attractive young women accosted us and asked if the could ask us a few questions. I was a teenagers, they were older attractive women. I said yes. Matt, my friend, kept schtum whilst I happily gabbled on. One of the last questions they asked was :

"What's the worst thing that a girl has ever done to you?"
"Nothing," I replied "Everybody likes me." (sad and pathetic I know but hey ho)
"Ok," they said "What's the worst thing a girl could do to you?"
"Umm, probably tell me she was pregnant"
"Well that's not really her fault, is it?"
"Ok, tell me she was pregnant and then later tell me it had been a test or a joke or something" (god, I was articulate then)

They took our photos and I forgot completley about it. until one day Matt's sister phoned him up and told him we were in the latest issue of Just 17. So we bought it. Of course by that time my whole year had found out as well as my mum and then girlfriend. Who were all fscking livid with me.

Anyway, this is my catharsis, it's been a secret too long and it's time for the healing to begin.

Apparently we were in a couple of other times too but I never saw them.