Subject: [foo] MP3 Box
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:03:16 +0000
From: Simon Wistow <>
Organization: Digital Mobility
To: metasyntactic <>

Randomly (brain too fried ATM to do compiler stuff ;)

These are the features I'd want if I was building an MP3 jukebox for my
front room ...

The interface would be accessible in several ways - from the TV, from an
LCD screen on the front of the box, via the web, via telnet, via a dumb

In fact interface is a slight misnomer since the correct term would be
'interfaces'. There would be a jukebox daemon that would be able to do
jukeboxy type stuff (more on that later) for an arbitary number of
stations. Therefore from the same box you could control several stations
such that one one you could be playing blues and in another you could be
playing hip hop or whatever. Stations could optionally have access control so that
you could only add/remove/listen to songs if you had a password.

Each station would let you add songs to a playlist. Songs could be voted
on. There could be features to automatically comply with RIAA
broadcasting rules.

The TV interface would *NOT* look a usual App. It would look cool (c.f After a suitable period of time 
or if a button was pressed it would start doing visualisation. Which would
be cool. You would be able to control streams using a web
interface as well (which would possibly allow file uploading) and also telnet 
into a curses interface(this would require a network card which would also let 
you FTP files up to the archive). You would also be able to telnet into the 
box and get a login prompt as normal. Dumb terminals would obviously hook 
into the curses interface. You could get a simple interface from the LCD screen 
on the front plus the normal CD player buttons. Control could also be done
through a remote control and also by an optional keyboard and mouse.

Files would be stored in the directory structure of
$Artist/$Album/$Track_number_$Song_name.mp3. Each album directory would have a file
dictating the order on the original album. Non album tracks would be in
the root of the $Artist directory. Duplicate songs (i.e ones on
soundtracks or with multiple artists on it) would be symlinked. It would
be nice if when you uploaded a song a playlist was created for every
album that song was on was created. Then you could have something which
would look for playlists that had songs on them that were not available
and would go and serach for them for you ...

It would also be nice if album covers/links could be downloaded (this is
possible using CDDB v. 2).

It should be able to play Audio-CDs (including ripping them to MP3 for
you) and CDs with MP3 on them. Video-CDs and DVDs would be cool as well.
Maybe MP3 player export and burning Audio-CDs or CDs full of MP3s aswell
would be cool. Maybe even MAME and/or other emulators ;)


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