dipsy is the infobot that lives on #london.pm on rhizomatic.net. These are tools for disecting her brain. You should look at Bot::Infobot instead as well as: I also patched her to do URL titling and make the (ex?)change and convert keywords work (well, make convert DTRT as well). This means you can do
	18:14 <muttley> convert 1 m into miles
	18:14 <dipsy> 1 m is 0.000621371192237334 miles
	18:14 <muttley> convert 1 min to seconds
	18:14 <dipsy> 1 min is 60 seconds
	18:14 <muttley> convert 1 gallon into cm^3
	18:14 <dipsy> 1 gallon is 3785.411784 cm^3
and even
	18:13 <muttley> convert 100 hz into rpm
	18:13 <dipsy> 100 hz is 6000 rpm
and dipsy will now do
	10:32 <muttley> http://thegestalt.org/simon
	10:32 <dipsy>  [ L a u n c h p a d ] 
	10:33 <muttley> http://london.pm.org
	10:33 <dipsy>  [ London.pm - London Perl Mongers ]