Everybody I know knows everybody else I know.

And I keep seeing these people all over the media - they're fucking 

They're in blogs that everyone else is linking to, in magazines and 
newspapers either as the subject or as the journalist. They write and 
review books, star in or make tv programs and films. 

And it's not just technology, it seems to be fucking everything.

And I keep thinking - "I know these people, they don't know anything. I 
don't know anything. We're just blagging it. WE'RE FRAUDS. Why is 
everyone listening to us?" 

And I remember back to when I was at Yahoo! and thinking that I'd find a 
bastion of professionalism or something and realising that behind 
the curtain ... it's still just as fucked up. More so even because THERE

It's as terrifying as going out with student doctors and watching them 
down a bottle of Sambucca as a dare and realising that pretty soon 
they're going to be delivering my kids and zapping my cancer and 
sticking fuck off great knifes in my brain.

And I think "Fuck, maybe we ought to do something with this before it 
all goes horribly wrong" but all we're doing is making more and more 
efficent ways to backslap our fellow wankers and then tell them that 
ours cats have been sick on the floor or something equally mundane.


I think I liked it better when it was just me, the horse, the dog and 
the cows.